About Us
EGO Creative Innovations brings innovation as a service.
The company was founded in 2005 by a passionate and professional developer Eugene Polyanskiy. Since then, he built a team of experts who helped over 40 companies deliver 150+ digital products.

The company's achievements also include a status of a Google Cloud Partner and a Clutch badge of top mobile developer.

But building such a company isn't an easy job; bottlenecks appear every now and then and addressing them is a recipe for successful growth. Sometimes you can hire another person to help your team out, other times a tool or a technology may come in handy. But it might also appear that there is no perfect solution to an existing problem, and then… you are left with the only option to invent it.

So since 2017 we're building our own products inside our company. One of them is Raisely.

When our business developers visit various events or business meetups, building a network of partners appears to be their most important goal. But keeping track of every new acquaintance is complicated, especially when you're on the go.

What if instead of loads of notes and napkins there would be an app that could not only contain all collected business cards, but also allowed to make audio and text messages about every person? This is how the idea of Raisely was born.

Our beta tests have shown that with Raisely our business developers can now focus on what matters most, and that is communication, not writing notes all the time.